Leadership Team

Jeff Garson, Co-Founder

Jeff, a psychotherapist and former attorney of 25 years, is passionately committed to driving better value systems in all businesses. A weekly blog writer and author of Radical Decency, Jeff is a community activist who co-founded the National Constitution Center and chaired Philadelphia’s Public Interest Law Center.


Jon McConaughy, Co-Founder

Jon is the proud owner of Double Brook Farm, a vertically integrated operation focused on the humane treatment of animals and the core principles of regenerative agriculture. Jon’s closed loop food system, which includes a restaurant and market, is devoted to sustainability and truly local farming.  


Jon previously worked for 20 years in the financial sector.

Newell Thompson, Executive Director

An entrepreneur and consultant, Newell has deep experience in media, publishing, product development, start-ups, branding, and marketing. Newell has worked with iconic brands such as TIME, National Geographic, and Fortune. Having grown up on a dairy farm, Newell is particularly passionate about transforming local farming.  

Jon McConaughy

Josh Kiman, Managing Director

Josh is a consultant deeply passionate about regenerative agriculture, sustainability, and improving our food system. After practicing law for 10 years and getting his MBA, Josh is committed to tackling the pressing challenges of our time.    

Sarah Alfadl, Advisory Board

Sarah is the founder of the Austelle Foundation, which is committed to strengthening communities, public greening initiatives, veterans’ services organizations, and Muslim charities. She is also the co-founder of KARAMAH (Muslim Women Lawyers for Human Rights). Born and raised in Egypt and, later, Lebanon, Sarah has a BA and MA from Stanford University and a JD from the University of Pennsylvania.