Wish List For The 2023 Farm Bill | June Newsletter

Josh Kiman, June 8 2023

The Farm Bill is a comprehensive federal legislative act covering all key elements of our food system, including crop insurance, nutrition programs like SNAP, export programs, loans, conservation, rural development, and much more. Enacted every 5 or so years, the most powerful lobbying interests come out in full force to protect entrenched...

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Vantage Research - Nu Metric Refinement

Josh Kiman, April 22 2023

Vantage Research has collaborated with The Decency Foundation to refine the Nu Metric and expand its applicability to all industries. In its report (linked below), Vantage Research highlights the following: The Nu Metric sets itself apart by focusing on micro and small businesses. Small businesses comprise the overwhelming majority of U.S. firms...

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The Quest To Replace Synthetic Nitrogen Fertilizers

Josh Kiman, November 21 2022

Synthetic nitrogen fertilizers lie at the heart of our food system. As renowned energy and food production expert Vaclav Smil writes in his illuminating book How The World Really Works, “Given prevailing diets and farming practices, synthetic nitrogen feeds half of humanity–or, everything else being equal, half of the world’s population could not...

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The Case for Minimizing Food Waste | June Newsletter

Josh Kiman, June 22 2022

A mushrooming global food crisis makes it ever more urgent to tackle food waste head-on. COVID-related supply chain disruptions and inflation have been exacerbated by the war in Ukraine, which has triggered protectionist policies such as nationalistic food hoarding and skyrocketing food, energy, and fertilizer costs. Nearly 250 million people are...

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Nu Metric: An Assessment Tool for Social Return on Investment

Ashley Vajentic, June 13 2022

The Decency Foundation (TDF) and Vantage Research announce a joint project to advance TDF’s Nu Metric assessment of environmental and social performance, initially tested on dairy farms. The project will explore farm-level operational dynamics across a range of categories measuring ecology, employee well-being, sustainable operations and supply cha...

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Financing Regenerative Agriculture | May Newsletter

Josh Kiman, May 30 2022

The average farmer loses money, is indebted, and has extremely limited access to capital. Without farm profitability, farmers cannot devote adequate resources or attention to soil, animal, and ecosystem health. As more consumers, investors, and entrepreneurs push for regenerative agriculture, it is essential to consider the best financing mechani...

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The Hun-Val Dairy Farm Pilot Project | April Newsletter

Ashley Vajentic, April 28 2022

The Decency Foundation is honored to have Hun-Val Dairy Farm as our pilot project. This first venture brings to life our mission of driving farm profitability through financial and technical assistance, on-farm processing, regenerative practices, and a focus on local communities.

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The Power of Vertical Integration: Spotlight On Double Brook Farm and the Hun-Val Dairy Pilot Project

Josh Kiman, March 28 2022

Many businesses dream of vertical integration to maximize control and efficiencies, cut costs, improve quality, and boost profitability. Yet it remains exceedingly rare because of the substantial up-front costs and the time, tenacity, and vision necessary to achieve that goal. Regenerative agriculture evangelists are likely familiar with pioneer W...

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How Our Broken Food System Drives Chronic Disease - March Newsletter

Josh Kiman, March 22 2022

This newsletter provides interesting insights about our broken food system and directs you to our favorite resources, farmers, doctors, thinkers, and organizations. We hope you enjoy the content. ________________________________________________________________________________________

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A DECENT READ PART 3: Livable Wages

Rebecca Tham, Staff Writer, October 29 2021

The Decency Foundation cares deeply about treating land, animals, others and ourselves with upmost decency. This includes ensuring that the people we work with making a decent living. Before our current venture, Nu.Ag, our pilot project was Working Meals, a campaign that provided meals to furloughed restaurant workers and frontline healthcare worke...

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